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The on-chain metric shows that large holders own a quarter of Chainlink’s supply. Why have investors been actively accumulating the token for the last four months, and to what levels can it rise in price?

On October 22, analyst firm Santiment reported that large Chainlink holders had amassed 25% of the total altcoin supply. Chainlink’s wave of accumulation, analysts said, is continuing its fourth month.

A large purchase of altcoin worth $1.45 billion was recorded in early September after the crypto market collapse when the…

We’re looking at the container shipping industry based on data for September-October 2021.

September data

China’s high role in world exports has led to Chinese ports and transport hubs becoming a bottleneck in world trade. After the lockdowns were introduced, many predicted the effect of deferred demand after the restrictive measures were lifted, but few predicted a collapse in international container transport in this regard.

Some of the altcoins rose in price following the new historical high of bitcoin. In which case, the tokens will continue to move up?

After BTC reached a new ATH above $67K, some altcoins rose significantly. For example, the price of ETH exceeded $4.37K for the first time in history. It has grown by 11% over the past day. Over the same period, the price of Solana also increased by 12%, reaching $185.

Standard model


Assets under management of the first US ETF based on BTC futures exceeded $1 billion. Will institutionals continue to invest in Bitcoin Strategy ETF, and how will this affect the value of the cryptocurrency?

In two days of trading, assets under the management of the exchange-traded fund Bitcoin Strategy ETF ($BITO) of the ProShares company exceeded $1 billion. The fund broke the record for the growth rate to $1 billion, which was held for 18 years. …

Large investors increased their monetary capitals in cryptocurrency amid the growth of BTC above $60K.

The whales see no reason to reduce their Bitcoin reserves. This opinion was expressed by analysts at Santiment in their latest report. According to the published data, large players have increased their capital by 18,709 BTC ($1.19 billion) since October 12.

The price of the first cryptocurrency has renewed its all-time high, which was set in mid-April. Should the asset holders close positions in the current situation, or does the coin still have the growth potential?

Growth potential is not exhausted

If bitcoin is already in the portfolio, then at the moment, it should not be sold since the potential for local growth has not yet been exhausted. …

Major US banks opened their reporting season last week. We're looking at the growth prospects for [other] stocks amid expectations of good performance.

In Q2, about 87% of S&P 500 companies beat analysts' earnings expectations, the highest market history.

Last week, major US banks opened the reporting season for Q3. …

After the regulator defines the cryptocurrency market, the digital asset management company will apply to the SEC.

Jennifer Rosenthal, director of public affairs at Grayscale Investments, confirmed on Twitter the company’s position on converting the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and other crypto funds into ETFs. …

As Bitcoin overcomes the $60K threshold, slightly less than 1% of the coins in circulation remain in the red.

Over 99% of bitcoins in circulation are profitable to their holders. This is the conclusion reached by the analysts of the Glassnode resource. According to the published chart, only 0.98% of the coins (~186,000 BTC) in circulation were sold at rates above $59K.

What factors do you need to pay attention to be able to invest in profitable cryptocurrency?

Often, in the cryptocurrency market, tokens show high profitability. For example, in early October, the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency and other “meme” cryptocurrencies went up by 300% in a week. It is complicated to predict such movements since they often occur for no apparent reason. …

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