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We are examining whether the potential for such growth remains.

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What is the probability?

In 2022, the price of bitcoin is capable of exceeding $100K. The first cryptocurrency has not yet completed the bull run and may continue to grow actively.

We may still see this figure in 2022. The likelihood of such a scenario can be estimated at 51%.

If you look at…

What will happen to Ethereum this year?

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Shaky situation

Ethereum has indeed broken through critical support levels. This could reverse the upward momentum. However, while the asset continues to hold the $3,000 mark, there is still a chance of recovery.

In 2021, Ethereum demonstrated much higher volatility and growth dynamics than Bitcoin; respectively, falls and corrections are reflected more…

Last week, the Fed's balance sheet excluding consolidation (accounting records) grew by another $33 billion.

Assets. Source: FRED

The Fed's last gasp on balance sheet expansion. Powell has already stated that the balance cut was discussed at the December meeting, so that the following meetings will be important.

Indicators of dollar liquidity absorption.

Thinking out loud about Turkey.

Image Credit: Move 2 Turkey

Until relatively recently, Turkey fit into the model of the International Monetary Fund. And Turkey began to fight inflation with an eerily standard method, namely by raising the rate. As a result, the Turkish lira collapsed [although, formally, its yield increased]. Why?

The point is that the Turkish economy is…

Mini research on various ETFs from the beginning of 2021.

Short background

This article was inspired by Warren’s “Never bet against America” line spoken by Warren Buffett on May 2, 2020, at the Berkshire Hathaway AGM.

In 2020, the US Stock Market showed the most excellent results, and the inevitable crash, predicted by skeptics, was postponed to 2021, and now, apparently, this…

China is weakening the yuan because an export-oriented economy doesn’t need a strong national currency.

US Dollar / Offshore Chinese Yuan (1W). Source: TradingView

China suddenly began to take measures against strengthening their national currency, i.e., yuan, first by announcing an increase in the required foreign exchange reserve ratio for national banks and then setting the bar for a fixed exchange rate much lower than expected.

This happened on the very day that the…

There is a dangerous technical pattern on the Bitcoin chart.

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BTC / U.S. Dollar. Source: TradingView

There is danger

The current market situation resembles the “double top” technical pattern. This does not mean that the pattern will eventually be fully formed. Despite the negative factors, there are also positive aspects.

First of all, the share of bitcoin in the market continues to recover, indicating the end of the redistribution…

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