How to Earn 15% per Month Trading VIX?

Let's talk about my valuable indicators for trading market volatility, such as UVXY and VXX.

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I welcome everyone! Today I'll talk about my methodology for trading market volatility, specifically UVXY stocks and VXX stocks. More precisely, the method I'm considering allows you to earn 12-22% per month; the average monthly rate is 15%. Perhaps, someone today will drive up their skills, and someone will not discover anything new for themselves. Let's go, guys!

The essential information you need to know for trading by this method:

CBOE VIX is an analytical tool, not traded, and its function is to display the Put/Call options ratio.

Since UVXY and VXX stocks are directly linked to options trading and VIX futures trading, we, therefore, need to know the VIX futures price for the current month and the next month's VIX futures price.

VIX futures significantly impact trading because most of the time, next month's VIX futures are traded at a premium(+) to the current month. Therefore, UVXY and VXX stocks fall more often and update the previous low prices because ETF providers are forced to maintain liquidity. We must track the premium and discount on VIX futures.

In general, VIX futures close every Wednesday.

It would be nice to know the current Put/Call ratio.

To make it easier for myself and not to manually track all the values, I created trading indicators that helped me automate the process.

  • VIX futures premium and discount monitor
VIX SSF Difference Monitor
VIX SSF Difference Monitor
  • I also monitor the positions of traders on the futures exchange and the Volatility Ratio. When the ratio breaks the up-trend line, you must buy Volatility and sell the S&P 500 Index.
Volatility ratio; COT VIX futures; VIX futures sentiment
Volatility Ratio - COT VIX Futures - VIX Futures Sentiment



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